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The role of empathy, culture and kindness in creating healthy communities.

Are you a health professional or community leader?

Introducing values-based leadership to your workplace or community will create a healthier, more collaborative and understanding environment. 

Anah's workshops offer a fresh perspective on how empathy, culture and kindness can be used to develop strong organisations and communities. 

With a mission to inspire courage and change from within, Anah focuses on the importance of values-based leadership and its potential to positively impact our society.

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Integrative Nurse Coaching

The Essentials

New Zealand may be small, but we are mighty. We’re proud to have hosted the International Nurse Coach Association’s first ever accredited nurse coach program outside of the USA.

Changing Lenses

Creating Positive Change from Within

Changing Lenses is one of Anah's past events that sought to broaden our understanding of empathy and connectedness – an understanding that, once shared, could positively reshape our respective homes, workplaces and communities.

The Guest Speakers

Our fascinating guest speakers have a myriad of experience and stories, many of which are sure to resonate directly with you.

Carolyn Jones

Critically Acclaimed Author, Filmmaker and Photographic Ethnographer

Critically acclaimed author of The American Nurse: Photographs and Interviews, Carolyn Jones has spent her career shining a light on ordinary people who make extraordinary differences in the lives of others.

Dr. Summer Damuth

Doctorate in Osteopathic Medicine and Board Certified in Emergency Medicine

Osteopathic medicine focuses on treating the patient as a whole; mind, body, and spirit. Dr. Summer understands how medicine and wellness intertwine.

Anah Aikman

New Zealand Registered Nurse and Board Certified Integrative Nurse Coach

Anah believes in encouraging and supporting others to create positive change within their own lives and the lives of those in their community.

Heather Leong

Registered Nurse, Registered Midwife, Graduate Diploma Nutrition Medicine, and Board Certified Integrative Nurse Coach

Heather is passionate about supporting people to better their health with preventative health and wellness strategies.

Elizabeth Cook

Board Certified Holistic Nurse, NZRN, Integrative Technical Consultant, Reiki Master, CMT

Elizabeth has an infectious enthusiasm for positive social change and brings her young, vibrant and tenacious energy into collaborative projects.

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Happy Clients

  • Kelly T.

    Workshop participant, RN, MScomm, PhD Candidate, Research Associate DBI

    "Me aro koe ki te hā o Hine-ahu-one, Ko Hine tītama,
    Ko Hine nui te Po.
    Pay heed to the dignity of women.
    Joining Anah and her amazing team at the 'Changing Lenses: A one day Health and Wellness Workshop' was enlightening and empowering.

    From the early stages of preparing for this day, to the closing process at the end of the workshop, embodied the very essence of compassion. The energy in this workshop went beyond the powerful words that were conveyed.
    Anah paid homage to the people she had nursed and her health colleagues by the sharing of pūrakau (stories). Through the telling of pūrakau, Anah was able to respectfully weave her clients health journey together with her nursing care to illustrate the shared experience and the healing that took place, not only for the client, but also for others within her rich narratives.

    Often I work as a lone warrior in the field of health, either specialising in Māori health, assisting whānau Māori to access health services, liaising with whānau to ensure their needs are addressed within the community and clinical settings, advocating for children and youth in acute mental health settings or researching in fields of disability and maternity care. In each of these areas, being a Māori advocate for hauora Māori and for those I work with, can be lonely and confronting. Attending workshops such as Changing Lenses takes the isolation out of what I do and provides the opportunity of connection and shared possibilities with others.

    I am excited about the prospect of working with Anah and the network she is forming in order to enhance the expression of compassion and empathy in all areas of health.

    Well done to Anah and her whānau of kaimahi for driving this kaupapa to the next taumata with grace, dignity and in unity.”

  • Heather L.


    "I have been reflecting on the workshop directed by Anah Aikman today, 'Changing Lenses: The role of empathy, culture and kindness for healthy communities'. Part of me wants to say there are no words and yet, there are so many. From the beginning, I felt a connection with each and every participant I met. I sampled value-based leadership from our humble director, Anah Aikman, as she honored and nurtured each and every one in her team. I witnessed Anah's  dignity as we dealt with the complexities of running an event in the face of challenges that come along in the intricacies and hiccups that can occur. 

    I felt I was participating in something bigger than myself and my own dreams. There was so much to learn from our speakers e.g.  Carolyn Jones, who made me feel proud to be a nurse but also humbled by what I saw other nurses being capable of.  I was touched to the core by her film documentary The American Nurse.

    I have been honored to hear the input from Rachel Callandar, who taught me so much more about the importance of language and embracing the strengths and unique qualities of each individual rather than focusing on limits or  diagnosis.

    Followed by the the inspiring Dr Summer Damuth, who brings hope and evidence as she informed us of the science behind the impact of empathy and kindness on health outcomes by  showing us the research. Her story, telling about how a difference could be made to an individual, even in the busy ED department where she works, was poignant and eye-opening. 

    The food was nourishing and individualized to meet all needs. The ambience was set to each fine detail with loving attention by Anah and her beautiful helpers Rachel Trumper and Toni Sweetman, while  the music was embracing. 

    I have been moved, inspired and changed by this experiential workshop, and Anah has showed her team values-based leadership by being one herself. May her vision and work continue, and I for one want to be part of more to come 💝.  Thank you, Anah."

  • Christine Y.


    "OMG. What an amazing experience. I feel so blessed to have shared a day with like minded, compassionate, caring and empathetic woman. THANK YOU for the privilege of of being with you all, to hear such inspiring, deeply moving stories. Your learnt wisdom and willingness to share this has deeply moved me. Words are never enough. Much aroha to you all ♥️♥️♥️♥️"

  • Carolyn J.

    Photo ethnographer. Film maker. 27.10.18

    "New Zealand is breathtaking! I've had such a remarkable time here with an extraordinary group of people who created and orchestrated Changing Lenses.

    Anah Aikman and her team put together an event which has given me so many new ideas  - new pathways to focus on the work that nurses do, and to help people everywhere understand what we can learn from nurses. Delighted that I could be here!"

  • Julie D.


    "I have been reading all the wonderful feedback from your workshop. I would so loved to have been there, but couldn't make it as my mum is sick. But my thoughts were with you. You are such an inspiration and your kind beautiful soul shines through. Your workshop is all that I base my life on, which is why I was gutted I couldn't make it. THANK YOU for making such a difference and leading the way ❣⭐🌹💐😀❣"

  • Rachel C.

    Speaker Author Trainer 29.10.18

    “Thank you so much for such a wonderful, deep and inspiring event. I can imagine the banquet allowed for really rich conversation and the deepening of relationships and ideas.

    Thank you for your vision, for your unwavering passion and perseverance. I know that you have created significant ripples through this event.”

  • Vicki D.


    “Changing Lenses was timely for me. From the first time I read about its purpose, it interested me. In a world and health care system that is full of change and uncertainty, the need for compassion, caring and connectivity is vital.

    As a Registered Nurse, I want my patients to know I am committed to their health journey, and these tools put in that action speaks louder than words. Thank you for an opportunity to pause, reflect and be inspired by others.”

  • Jelena A.


    “Thank you for being uniquely you. What an amazing person you are, such a precious gift to us all. My goodness, the workshop was awesome, so uplifting and encouraging. The legacy you carry for future generations, imparting wisdom and inspiration... is truly so amazing.”

  • Rachelle S.


    "It was a privilege to be part of such an empowering day, so thank you. And thank you for being so courageous to follow your heart, truly believing in your mission and creating the ripple to touch others lives to encourage and empower them to continue the ripple effect."

  • Maree S.


    “I have been reflecting a lot after Christchurch and I believe I have a better insight about how the other person is feeling, and seeing things differently. I'm truly grateful to have been a part of the day. Thank you again xx 💖❤💖❤”

  • Heather L.

    Integrative Nurse Coach
    "Dynamic, value based leadership."

    "Anah is a Nurse who inspires through her dynamic, value based leadership and her strong will to make a difference in Aotearoa.

    Anah is at the forefront of bringing to NZ the Integrative Nurse Coaching course, a course that will open up our eyes to the possibilities our NZ nurses have in the field of holistic health.

    The time is now."

  • Vicki D.

    Registered Nurse
    "Challenged, nurtured and refreshed."

    "I attended the changing lenses workshop last year with a colleague. We were looking for some professional development that would meet our needs as nurses working in a changing health environment.

    We were not to be disappointed; we came away feeling challenged, nurtured and refreshed. The guest speakers were fabulous and Anah’s attention to detail for the day was amazing. Highly recommended. Sign up and see for yourself."

  • Jo-Ann K.

    Registered Nurse
    "Insiprational, thought-provoking speaker."

    "Anah is an inspirational clinical nurse, integrative nurse coach and speaker. Her seminars, workshops and forums are always thought-provoking and provide great opportunities for nurses to re-centre their focus on to the values that are the essence of nursing. Attend if you get the chance."

  • Rachel T.

    CEO, Mt Cook Safaris
    "Striving to make a change."

    "Anah Aikman has tenacity and with her passion for striving to make a change, she will make a difference for all our communities.

    With empathy, compassion, awareness and connectedness, we can all learn from Anah how important it is to know more about what these words mean, how they feel, and how we can all put them into practice in our everyday lives to help make the difference.

    This is very rewarding to see and feel the change happen. The way we treat and deal with people and situations at work and at home will make the difference for the better of all.

    Anah is so inspirational, and she has reminded me that everyone has a story, a past, and the way we connect with each other is special. Everyone is unique and we all have to respect each other in a caring and authentic way.

    It is contagious and with her many years of experience in a variety of professional fields, Anah offers a variety of annual retreats and is also holding workshops for leaders around the country to involve others to be part of the change.

    Highly recommend... Reach out to Anah for more details."

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