Keynote Speaker

Teaching values-based leadership

Passionate about values-based leadership, Anah is committed to sharing her knowledge and leadership skills with others.

She believes that by practicing values-based leadership, we have the power to create cultural change within business and communities.

Anah speaks about the importance of empathy, kindness and compassion, and the positive impact that role modelling these values has on the people around us.

With Anah speaking at your event, you'll find inspiration in her teachings as she delves into the importance of values-based leadership and the potential it has to change the world.

Past events & organisations

  • Ministry of Seniors ‘Better Later Working Lives’ – Beehive, Wellington

  • New Zealand Nurse's Organisation

  • Victim Support Beams of Hope

  • Primary Care Symposium – Timaru

  • Vensa Health Informatics – Auckland

  • Self-Care Presentation – South Canterbury District Health Board

  • Reshaping the Nurses Voice – Hamilton & Nelson

  • Changing Lenses – Christchurch

Anah speaks at venues across New Zealand and is happy to travel upon request.



  • Elizabeth B.

    Director of Flourish Health Emporium, Registered Nurse

    "Anah Aikman is a blessed orator, gifted teller of stories and extraordinary maverick. She weaves purpose, values and profound presence into her transformative spaces, which is deeply lacking in healthcare and leadership circles.

    I recommend her highly for those who are seeking change through foundations of connection, empathy and compassion within their organisations and more importantly, on a deep personal level.

    Thank you Anah, for filling me with deep gratitude and knowledge that in the way we nurse matters; the way we move within the world matters.

    Honouring those that think differently will help effect powerful cultural change within our communities, societies and the wider world.

    It was a privilege to join you at Changing Lenses and the profound effect that meeting place had on all that were present is still with me today."

  • Alexandra C.


    "As a student nurse, I attended the Changing Lenses Workshop. Anah shared her vision in a way in which we could all relate. I felt involved throughout the day and it was great to be acknowledged individually during the reflection part of the day.

    Anah is an incredible communicator and I am inspired by her passion for the amazing work she is doing. The workshop was a great chance to meet many inspiring people and I feel lucky to have been a part of something so special.

    The workshop was a pivotal part of me becoming the nurse I am today and I am incredibly proud of the work I do as a nurse."

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