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Anah is passionate about creating a space where women can speak openly, honestly, and in a way that is true to who they are.

To facilitate this process of growth, she crafts unique experiences for women centred around mindfulness and fun.

From wellness weekends to week-long retreats, Anah and her team will have the perfect getaway for you.

Destination Aotearoa,
New Zealand

Haere mai. Welcome to Aoteoroa, Land of the Long White Cloud.

With the keen perspective of a local, Anah takes you on a tour of her home country – visiting the places you know, and the places you don’t.

Maori to English Translations
Haere mai” = “Welcome”
Aotearoa” = “New Zealand” or “Land of the Long White Cloud”

Guided Tours

New Zealand is a country steeped in beauty, history and culture. With Anah’s guided tours, you will celebrate Maori culture and discover what sets New Zealand apart from the rest of the world.

Anah and her team offer nurturing, hospitable and genuine care. If you wish to continue exploring Aotearoa after the tour, they will be happy to help coordinate your flights, and to assist with accommodation/travel suggestions.

Wellness Weekends

Anah’s wellness weekends focus on finding peace and quiet in our minds, and in today’s busy world.

Located in New Zealand’s beautiful backyard, Anah and her team provide a restorative, inclusive experience that encourages everyone involved to share and grow.

Anah’s retreats always hold something fun and unexpected, making each a little more unique than the last.


Luxury Self-Care Retreats: Autumn & Spring

Take a weekend to relax and rejuvenate with our Luxury Self-Care Retreat For Women. Step out of your busy schedule and into a calm space dedicated to learning, wellness and community.

Keep an eye out for more details on our Spring Self-Care Retreat in September (our Autumn Retreat is already sold out!).

Women's Retreats

Travel & Wellness Experiences
For Women

Join us on a journey of discovery, beauty and renewal.

Our Team

We believe in empowering women to step outside of their comfort zone and live life with meaning.

Anah Aikman

Anah founded The Road Less Travelled in 2006 with the aim to create out of the ordinary travel and wellness experiences for women. As a certified Nurse Coach, Anah sees travel as an integral part of health and wellbeing.

Rachel Trumper

Passionate about creating beautiful food, Rachel’s talent for cooking is an art in itself. She ensures that everyone is well-nourished on their journey, and that everything runs smoothly behind the scenes.


  • Christine M.

    Hanmer Springs, 2017

    “Where do I begin to explain how amazing this was?

    From the luxury accommodation, to the jet boating, massage, yoga, hot pools and Michelin chef, you left no stone unturned.

    However, for me it was your authentic, genuine self bringing together a group of (until that weekend, mostly strangers) to inspire, support and listen in a completely open, genuine and non-judgemental way that will remain with me.

    Because of this I have come home with a better, more authentic ‘me’.

    My journey began with you and my fellow ladies and will continue because of the lessons I learnt.

    Friendships were forged, not only with those in our group but finally, with myself.

    Bring on many more Anah, xoxo.”

  • Jenny D.

    A Girls Escape - Hanmer

    “You are a beautiful woman with so much passion. Already, you are fulfilling your desire to make the world a better place. I can see it happening between these women this weekend. I will always treasure the wonderful friendship we experience with Anah.

    I thank you (and all the girls) so much for making my birthday so special.

    Thank you so much for a wonderful experience with beautiful women. Everything from the meaningful conversations, from the laughter to the tears, to the thrill seekers to relaxing with yoga and hot pools and massage. And the guitar and singing, WOW! Amazing.

    The enjoyment of visiting Pegasus winery, and to finish with the truffle journey, was an absolute bonus for me.

    You had it all.”

  • Tania S.

    July 30, 2017

    “Thank you, Anah, for a wonderful and fullfilling Tipi Experience, and helping me on my journey to Mindfulness.

    The Tipi and the atmosphere it creates is amazing, we were lucky enough to have a rainy day so the sound of the rain on the tipi and the fire to sit around just added to the peacefulness.

    Anah, I have been practicing the breathing technique and am amazed how it brings me back to the now.

    Thank you again for sharing the wonderness that is you.”

  • Elizabeth A.

    April 25, 2017

    “I went with Anah on her last trip and had a fabulous time.

    I would highly recommend a trip with Anah and The Road Less Travelled to any women looking for adventure, affirmation, empowerment, love, and meeting other wonderful women.”

  • Karen W.

    Senior Business Analyst, Ministry of Social Development – DESTINATION AUTUMN, MAY 2018

    “Thank you, Anah. It was such a delight to be with you, Toni and Rachel. You make a fab team and your programme was perfect.

    I just loved it.”

  • Toni S.

    July 30, 2017

    “I found every aspect of this so fulfilling, starting from the beautiful welcome to the meditation at the end of the day, and all in that between!

    You aroused all of my senses and reminded me of what is important to enhance my life! Thank you.

    The Tipi was more than a Tipi – that was such a wonderful space ….beautifully presented and luxurious!

    Thank you, Anah. I now feel like my ‘tank is full’ and my ‘lenses are cleaned’ and my outlook is where it should be – I feel great thanks to you!

    I am looking forward to more experiences with you leading the way.”

  • Kelly K.

    Tipi Event, July 30, 2017

    “I appreciated learning more skills and techniques to help in this busy and often stressful world.

    Anah is warm and kind and caring, and provides a really safe, comfy environment where she shares the teachings of the day and things to take away.”

  • Tania C.

    Priscilla, Queen of the Desert – Auckland, November 16, 2016

    “The Road Less Travelled recently took me to Auckland where, dressed to impress, we went to ‘Priscilla Queen of the Desert’ on our first night together.

    Tai Chi, taught to us by a pro, was followed by a trip to Waiheke Island to taste its finest olive oils and fine wines.

    The Challenge of the climb of Auckland Harbour Bridge was rewarded with Peter Gordons finest at the Sugar Club at the Sky Tower, and an afternoon at the spa.

    Fun challenge, luxury accommodation, fine foods and wine, fabulous team leader and organiser, great company and a lifetime of memories.

    A must for everyone to reset their balance button.”

  • Colleen M.

    Dingleburn Trip, Central Otago – August 24, 2008

    “I live in Hamilton and found Anah’s web site through an engine search for Melbourne, as this is where I had wanted to go!

    So, by great fortune, it brought me to Anah. Although I ended up in the South Island (instead of Melbourne!).

    I was a bit hesitant booking a tour on the internet as it was not a well known company or site! I thought, ‘oh well, I will take the chance and if I lose out, worse could happen.’

    This turned out to be an amazing experience mentally, emotionally and physically.

    Dingleburn… what can you say, its such an amazing place to be able to recapture life’s essence, and become more in tune with who you are!

    Thank you to Anah and everyone for an amazing experience that wont be forgotten, xxx.”

  • Rachel T.

    CEO, Mt Cook Safaris
    "Striving to make a change."

    "Anah Aikman has tenacity and with her passion for striving to making a change, will make a difference for all our communities.

    With empathy, compassion, awareness and connectedness we can all learn from Anah how important it is to know more about what these words mean, how these feel, and how we can all put them into practice in our every day lives to help make the difference.

    This is very rewarding to see and feel the change happen. The way we treat and deal with people and situations at work and at home will make the difference for the better of all.

    Anah is so inspirational and she has reminded me that everyone has a story, a past, and the way we connect with each other is special, everyone is unique and we all have to respect each other in a caring and authentic way.

    It is contagious and with her many years of experience in a variety of professional fields, Anah offers a variety of annual retreats and is also holding workshops for leaders around the country to involve others to be part of the change.

    Highly recommend... reach out to Anah for more details."

  • Sonya V.

    "Reflect about your own uniqueness."

    "Anah is incredible at being able to hold space to allow you explore and grow.

    With empathy and compassion Anah is able to provide insight and coach you to reflect about your own uniqueness and delve into your personal values and how you as the unique individual you are interact within your community.

    Anah is able to sign post you to resources that broaden your perspective and enhance your growth. With humility she asks the questions that enable you to review your perspective.

    I feel very privileged to be able to work with Anah on my journey and would highly recommend her.💜"

  • Maree S.

    Loving Volunteering
    "Anah is a wonderful listener, facilitator and friend."

    "I have been privileged to be with Anah on a few of her trips and retreats. Anah shows such poise and integrity, along with caring and kindness to everyone. Anah has an incredible skill of being a wonderful listener, facilitator and friend and her calming mana is a treasure to be a part of.

    She seems endless with ideas, solid values which inspire those around her. Every experience I have with Anah I always leave enriched and grateful to have been in her presence. Anyone who has an opportunity to spend time with Anah will learn what a privilege and honour it is to do so. I am grateful to have Anah in my life."

  • Glenys

    April 4, 2015

    “A well organised, fun weekend of revitalisation, rejuvenation and inspiration shared with a wonderful group of women.

    Thanks Anah for a great experience.”

  • Judth

    Timaru, Mt Aoraki / Mt Cook Trip, July 29, 2009

    “To me, it seemed to be highlighted and reaching out to me. After raising 3 beautiful children by myself for the past 10 years, I had unexpectedly met a new man and had a total upheaval of changing everything which had been so familiar and safe. I had also been studying by correspondence whenever I could manage, and had just taken the major step of attending classes at the Open Polytechnic in order to complete the papers after 5 years. I also had a significant birthday approaching. ‘A weekend of pampering’ – what could be better than to finally do something for ME? The paperwork completed, I never once had any concerns about stepping outside my comfort zone – going away with complete strangers – trusting someone else to take care of me.

    The weekend was totally fabulous with surprises (Mt John Observatory), a great acceptance and friendship amongst our intimate group and the most glorious sunrise on Mt Cook. The weather held until we turned to leave our tramp and head back – so magical. With a range of ages to cater for, Anah had organised a superb range of experiences, a comfortable walk which everyone could manage, time to rest and time to mingle, named Mt Cook rocks on our meal table and our exceptional cook who provided ‘soul food’. A private massage topped the whole experience off. Anah has a deep-seated philosophy of nurturing at all levels and this just flows with the activities, and the environment which was created on my weekend to Mt Cook.

    It was a welcome ‘time for me’ which was new but totally comfortable. Quite an intimate group, some who had met before and others who had not – we quickly became joined in the fellowship of that special time. The thought and provisions which had gone into the planning meant it flowed and catered for us all. Brilliant organisation and planning always appears seamless. Thank you, Anah.”

  • Nell

    Bali Trip, November 16, 2013

    “Why The Road Less Travelled? I’d had a challenging two years and needed to do something for me. I heard of this trip and liked what I saw of the itinerary – I would not have done anything like this myself. I pondered, not knowing any of the ladies, but looking back, I wonder why.

    This was the most magical, inspiring, spiritual, humbling adventure I have taken, an absolute delightful gem of a tour leader who had done her homework with a fine tooth comb. Anah doesn’t know it but a holiday with her every year is on my itinerary.

    My highlight was the amazing craftsmanship of the Balinese, and have you ever seen a 55yr old learning to surf? So much fun & laughter.”

  • Sue

    November 16, 2016

    “Hi Anah! Just a short email to say how much I enjoyed last weekend, and a big thank you for all the time and effort you had obviously put in to make it all happen.

    I enjoyed the opportunity to meet an interesting and diverse group of women, and really enjoyed the conversations I had with them. Thank you.”

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