Changing Lenses:

A Unique Perspective on Health and Wellbeing


Sharing the Nurse's Story

Kaupapa / Purpose :
Following personal nursing stories, Anah seeks to share a broader understanding of the health landscape through the unique perspective of nurses.
Hear the human story of nurses and learn about their successes, challenges, and how they see the world around them. Organically evolving, each nurse's story is interspersed with their favourite pieces of music and poetry. 
Questions we ask: 
  • What led you to become a Registered Nurse?
  • What inspires you to continue working in the health arena?
  • What brings you joy?
  • How have you managed to navigate the changing landscape of health?
  • What do you see for nursing in the future?
  • How do you envision nurses shaping the health of communities?
  • How do you view the role of empathy, connectedness, culture and kindness in nursing?
  • How do you attend to your own self-care?
  • What unique skills and values do you believe nurses bring to the health arena?
  • What are the challenges you see for healthy communities in New Zealand?

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Changing Lenses is a unique program driven by a passion to create a healthy global community. Discover the empowering stories of nurses doing things differently.

Interviews are broadcast live on Plains FM Radio. Times and dates will be listed here as new episodes air. 
The Changing Lenses podcast is available on anchor.fm, Apple Podcasts and Spotify.


  • Paul

    The Changing Lenses Podcast

    "I just listened to your 1st chat with Jo-Ann and was instantly in sync with her background and great wealth of experience.

    Firstly, can I say what a fabulous chat this was. Instantly related to 'The Therapeutic Relationship, Milieu Therapy and Cultural Safety'. These will always be the Pillars Of Psychiatric Nursing – though names and terms may change, the essence never changes.

    I am grateful to have practiced Psychiatric Principles in a time of enlightenment (my term). My wife, Gail Harrison, and I always reflect on how the therapeutic relationship changed our lives forever for the better, and has helped us help to change others lives.

    Fantastic effort, Anah. Loved hearing a Professional Contemporary beautifully articulate the jewels of my previous Psychiatric profession."

  • Gail

    The Changing Lenses Podcast

    "Interesting interview, Anah. Great to hear an articulate, experienced nurse with such clear views of her practice.

    The therapeutic relationship has always been central to mental health nursing. I like to think that Hildegard Peplau bought clarity to this in her work. Cultural safety is a contemporary concept and is vital in this cross cultural world, as is sharing, or partnership, and having an equal relationship with clients.

    I enjoyed the interview and the music. Looking forward to more!"

  • Heather

    The Changing Lenses Podcast

    "Jo Kennedy, beautifully worded. Your tone and voice were calm and intuitive, thank you for sharing your wisdom and story.

    Anah Aikman, you should be on radio! What a relaxed interview. Proud to be a part of this."

  • Maree

    The Changing Lenses Podcast

    "Thank you for the pleasure of the past hour listening to your podcast. I look forward to listening to the other 5 nurses voices as I am able.

    As always, your words and presence are very real, authentic, grounded and inspiring. I found myself singing along with Van and The Drifters, and just enjoying that inclusion. Thank you."

  • Paul

    The Changing Lenses Podcast

    "Good afternoon Anah and colleagues, I have just listened on replay the stories of both Heather Leong and Jean Ross.

    Heather's empathetic and naturally sensitive nature was clear to me. The role of nutrition and mindfulness in her practice and sharingwas great. My takeaway : 'Food and nutrition be the medicine.' Thank you, Heather.

    Jean is a supreme dynamo with massive vision, and a great advocate of Rural health. I sensed her Welsh spirituality in amongst her story, the indigenous somewhat alienated was a connection for me. Thank you, too, Jean."

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