Heather L

“I have been reflecting on the workshop directed by Anah Aikman today, ‘Changing Lenses: The role of empathy, culture and kindness for healthy communities’. Part of me wants to say there are no words and yet, there are so many. From the beginning, I felt a connection with each and every participant I met. I sampled value-based leadership from our humble director, Anah Aikman, as she honored and nurtured each and every one in her team. I witnessed Anah’s  dignity as we dealt with the complexities of running an event in the face of challenges that come along in the intricacies and hiccups that can occur.

I felt I was participating in something bigger than myself and my own dreams. There was so much to learn from our speakers e.g.  Carolyn Jones, who made me feel proud to be a nurse but also humbled by what I saw other nurses being capable of.  I was touched to the core by her film documentary The American Nurse.

I have been honored to hear the input from Rachel Callandar, who taught me so much more about the importance of language and embracing the strengths and unique qualities of each individual rather than focusing on limits or  diagnosis.

Followed by the the inspiring Dr Summer Damuth, who brings hope and evidence as she informed us of the science behind the impact of empathy and kindness on health outcomes by  showing us the research. Her story, telling about how a difference could be made to an individual, even in the busy ED department where she works, was poignant and eye-opening.

The food was nourishing and individualized to meet all needs. The ambience was set to each fine detail with loving attention by Anah and her beautiful helpers Rachel Trumper and Toni Sweetman, while  the music was embracing.

I have been moved, inspired and changed by this experiential workshop, and Anah has showed her team values-based leadership by being one herself. May her vision and work continue, and I for one want to be part of more to come 💝.  Thank you, Anah.”


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October 28, 2018