I am flying across Moemoea the Qantas wing to my left. East to west. 

It feels, on this day, a Saturday, the day after my first international speaking opportunity, that the stars have now aligned. 

Like now is the time that big dreams are being realised.  A korowai of many braids are growing stronger and the pattern bolder and the voice clearer. 

I have for a very long time known, felt, the puku intuition, in the second brain, in the stomach, that I would be sharing my experiences and stories across the world from an Indigenous Māori perspective. 

Yesterday in Melbourne that intention came into being.  I spoke at the Australasian Lifestyle Medicine Conference – Better Health for all.  

I loved the connections I made with so many people, got to know them as we shared stories and a sense of unity through wairua, spirit. 

 Don’t know when my next opportunity will arise. 

What I do know, it will.