What is values-based leadership?

Values-based leadership is the act of leading by, through and because of one’s values. We’re talking about the good, honest values, like kindness, empathy, self-reflection and growth.

Practicing these values in your daily life will have you leading by example – whether you see yourself as a leader or not. Because being a leader isn’t about being loud, charismatic and popular.

It’s about being true to who you are, working on your own development and growth, and encouraging others to do the same.


Values come in all shapes and sizes, and kindness is one of the most important ones to me. By sharing kindness with strangers, neighbours, nemeses and friends, you have the power to completely change someone’s day.


Understanding that everyone has a story allows you to broaden your perspective of the world. Being empathetic means rising above your own conditioned behaviours and being open to someone else’s.


Reflecting on and learning from our past experiences is what enables us to grow. Changing the world won’t happen if we don’t first work on changing our own negative behaviours and beliefs.

A brief history of the world’s population

The world is changing rapidly, faster than many of us can keep up with. In the early 1800s, the human race was at approximately 1 billion people. By the late 1970s, over 150 years later, it had grown to 4 billion.

And in the last 40 years, that number has more than doubled.

We are expanding faster than our planet, our resources and our infrastructure can manage. Living by our values and leading by example has never been more important than it is now.

Values-based leadership has the power to make positive change

With so many people populating the planet, it is imperative that each of us has access to values-based leadership in some way.

If we cannot see a positive role model in our midst, then we have to become one. Practicing values-based leadership enables you to think before making decisions and act in kindness rather than fear.

When others see you leading your life in this way, it will encourage them to do the same. Changing your behaviour and broadening your perspective can have a ripple effect that leads to a paradigm culture shift in the rest of your community.

Let’s inspire our communities and change the world, one values-based leader at a time.

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