9 – 4.30 pm
Saturday 17 & Sunday 18
October 2020


The Welder
20-26 Welles Street,
Christchurch 8011

New Zealand Nurse Coaches:

Anah and Heather along with the International Nurse Coach Association are thrilled to present this two day workshop both in the Waikato and in Christchurch.

The Essentials of Nurse Coaching will provide insights into the international certified Integrative Nurse Coach Program which entitles you to use the Nurse Coach designation once completed.

The Essentials workshop accredited continuing nurse education program delivers 14.2 contact hours.


The Welder will be New Zealand’s largest and most authentic Health & Wellbeing complex.

Why Health & Wellbeing? Because we believe Christchurch can be the most liveable city in the world and to do so, it needs to look after its people.

The emphasis is on making peoples lives better through producing healthy products and services and creating enjoyable and memorable experiences.

The Welder is about creating a meaningful experience that makes us think, feel, remember and understand.

The Essentials of Integrative Nurse Coaching Schedule:

Two Day Workshop
Total = 14.2 contact hours

Day One:

Introduction to Nurse Coaching: A Model for Health Promotion, Healing, and Wellbeing | 6.5 contact hours
  1. Examine the Integrative Nurse Coach (INC) role for promoting healthy lifestyle behaviours.
  2. Analyse the Nursing Process steps and the Integrative Nurse Coach Process steps.
  3. Describe the Theory of Integrative Nurse Coaching (TINC) five components and its implications as a mid-range theory for health and wellness.
  4. Describe the integration of the nurse coach model to enhance comprehensive patient and family teaching.
  5. Review the Integrative Health and Wellness Assessment TM (IHWA) and Brief Action Planning (BAP) tool.
  6. Use the IHWA and BAP in coaching sessions with peers.

Day Two:

Self-Development: A Nurse’s Journey to Wellbeing | 7.7 contact hours
  1. Examine the impact of burnout, stress, and anxiety on self and the Nursing Profession.
  2. Examine the use of Mindful Awareness practices and its impact on self-care.
  3. Understand the Nurse as Wounded Healer Theory and the suffering experience.
  4. Practice Nurse Coaching related to the IHWA.
  5. Develop a Self-Care plan for Health & Wellness.
  6. Declare Self-Care Plan with Group.

TOTAL CNE= 14.2 CNE Contact Hours

This continuing nursing education activity was approved by the American Holistic Nurses Association (AHNA), an accredited approver by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation. Approved to award 14.2 CNE AHNA #1375.

©2019. International Nurse Coach Association and Integrative Nurse Coach Academy. www.iNurseCoach.com. No part of this document can be reproduced without permission.

The learning outcome is:

Nurses will implement into practice integrative nurse coaching skills to influence behavioural and lifestyle change in patients and self.

Philosophy of the program: Integrative Nurse Coaching incorporates the principles of holistic nursing and the skills of nurse coaching into nursing practice.

This combination provides a framework to deliver relationship-based care. The goal is to integrate opportunities into daily living and nursing practice to create an optimal healing environment for patients and self.

Targeted Audience: Registered Nurses who wish to transform their practice to include a lifestyle health and wellbeing focused approach to self and patient care.

Our mission is to provide Nurse Coaches with a global community for learning, networking, and reconnecting to the heart and art of nursing. INCA inspires and empowers Nurse Coaches to be leaders in healthcare – local to global.


$495.00 PLUS Eventbrite Fee

Drinks, snacks, lunch provided. Diet requests please.


Booking is available via Eventbrite



Anah: 027 279 3248
Email: anah@anahaikman.com

Venues may change due to unforeseen circumstances.


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