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How We Can Be Human During COVID-19

COVID-19 is impacting the world in a huge way

By now, we’ve all heard the story: the devastating consequences of COVID-19 are changing the world as we know it.

During this time, we must stay connected to our values and keep being human. We must learn to adapt, be open to change, grow in resilience and choose love over fear.

We cannot control the spread of COVID-19. But we can control the way we react to it.

4 ways to keep being human during the COVID-19 outbreak

1. Be kind to others

The uncertainty in the air makes it easy for us to turn to fear, isolation and individualistic behaviour. However, these are the times when strength, courage and kindness are so incredibly important.

We must work together to create a sense of community, either by growing something new or strengthening the one you already have. This is still possible even in the face of self-isolation.

When shopping, purchase only what you need so that others can get what they need, too. If you have a few spare dollars, put them towards non-perishable food or sanitary items that you can donate to a shelter or local charity.

Be kind to strangers, neighbours and family alike. Everyone is doing the best they can with what they have.

Kindness can change the world. Maybe it could save it, too.

2. Share what you have where you can

You might not have much. In fact, you might only have enough to feed yourself and your family. And that’s okay. You are one of the people who can turn to your neighbours, to your community, and ask for help.

Alternatively, if you have stocked up on food, cleaning products and general goods, and you know that you have more than you need, perhaps you could look at setting an item or two aside for someone else in your community.

The way that we will get through this pandemic is together. With trust and generosity, we can overcome this most challenging of obstacles as one.

3. Take care of your mind and body

It can be hard to think of nutrition and exercise when we are stuck inside practicing self-isolation and social distancing. But now more than ever, your health is your number one priority.

Buy healthy, nutritious food when you can – and remember, only as much as you need. Stay active. You can do anything from cleaning and gardening to YouTube yoga, star jumps and skipping.

By taking care of your mind and body, you will be in the best position to tackle whatever comes your way.

4. Limit your media consumption

It is important to keep yourself updated and educated on the impact that COVID-19 may have on your home and daily life. However, it is also important for you to manage your media consumption wisely.

Use only sources that you trust, ones that are informative, helpful and hysteria-free. If browsing social media, follow positive profiles and trending hashtags that emphasise the kindness, compassion and care people are showing to one another during this time.

News sources:

If you are based outside of NZ, search online to find your country’s government recommendations and updates on COVID-19.

Positive stories to come from COVID-19:

In these uncertain times, it is important we stay true to who we are

Being human during this time means acting out of compassion and understanding, even when it might feel difficult to do so.

Remember that it is okay to feel fear and anxiety. We are human, and with the human experience comes a depth of emotion that is broad and constant and visceral.

But as humans, we also have the power to choose. We can let our emotions rule us or we can choose to show generosity and kindness in place of worry and concern.

The COVID-19 outbreak brings with it a challenge that many of us have never faced before. A challenge that, if we work together, we can overcome with unity and grace.

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