Kaupapa / Purpose :
Raising the Nurses Voice. Nurses are the Landscape of Health.
Changing Lenses: A Unique Perspective in Health and Wellbeing.
The purpose is to share the Nurses Story. Changing Lenses is based on the narrative of the personal journey of each nurse.
These radio interviews allows listeners to hear the human story of nurses, their successes, challenges and how they see the world around them.
In this Q and A interview style radio program, the interviewer allows the story to evolve organically.
The show is interspersed with the nurses’ favourite pieces of music, poetry or their own writings.
The questions may look like these :
  • What influencers shaped the nurses lives that led them to become Registered Nurses?
  • What inspires them to continue working in the health arena? What brings them joy? How have they managed to navigate the changing landscape of health? What do they see for nursing in the future? How do nurses shape the health of communities?
  • How do they view the role of empathy, connectedness, culture and kindness in nursing?
  • How do they attend to their own self care?
  • What unique skills and values do they bring to health arena? What are the challenges they see for healthy communities in New Zealand?
Changing Lenses is a unique program and is driven  by a passion for a healthy global community.
PlainsFM Christchurch – https://www.plainsfm.org.nz

First Episode : 6th February, 3pm-4pm
Show Informationhttps://bit.ly/2CPPXHe

The interviews will continue for 6 episodes over 6 weeks on Weds at 3-4pm.
They will also be repeated on the following Saturdays at 11am.

If you like to listen to podcasts on your phone or tablet, you can also download the podcasts on the Access Internet Radio NZ app (app available free,).
It is available on iTunes and Google Play.