With The Road Less Travelled Ltd

Adventures all begin with a spontaneous moment and an opportunity to just do it.

Creating out of the ordinary travel and wellness experiences for women is deeply woven into my sense of purpose. Guiding, inspiring and empowering women to become more than we deem possible for ourselves brings me great joy. To let go and fly. Experiencing discomfort allows us to grow life time lessons. Meaningful conversations and new experiences that stimulate different ways of being and thinking are essential tools in self development. Art and creative endeavours inspire us to see possibilities and seize opportunities.

Allowing ourselves to step outside of our own sense of normal may seem scary at first, however it becomes easier as we explore new horizons more often. A whole new world opens up when we take the breath, pause and walk head on into new adventures. Perhaps it may bring us closer to our raison d’etre, our reason for being.

My hope is that together we can make a difference in our worlds through values-based role modelling. Each caring whisper on the winds of change sets up a new vibration which in turn creates positive heart beats of change.

Thank you to all the fabulous women who joined us on our Central Otago tiki. For your spontaneity and your ‘just do it’ attitude. For going with the flow having fun. For the shift in consciousness and having each others backs. For your aroha.