What is Integrative Nurse Coaching?

Changing lifestyle and behaviour to improve wellbeing

Over the years, many people have asked me the question: what is Integrative Nurse Coaching?

Integrative Nurse Coaching is the practice of honing in on lifestyle and behavioural changes to improve wellbeing.

Put another way, it is an integrative approach to health and wellness actioned through the dynamic health lens of Nurses.

What does it take to become an Integrative Nurse Coach?

Nurses have a very unique perspective.

We work shifts at all hours of the day and night, bearing witness to the numerous health challenges that many patients face. But among these challenges are also incredible healings and births.

Because we are an integral part of the patient journey, we are placed in the best position to provide a positive, eye-opening and growth-inspiring experience.

Being an Integrative Nurse Coach means approaching situations with a multi-lens perspective. It takes empathy, strength and the ability to listen deeply to what a patient or other person in your life has to share.

Speaking up about vulnerabilities can be an incredibly difficult thing to do, so it is important that we give people a safe space in which to do so.

Integrative Nurse Coaching is a way of life

‘Change from within’ is the mantra that I live by. I believe that it takes inner work in order for us to inspire others to change as well.

As nurses, we must invest in our own self-development and innermost attitude. By doing so, we expand our capability to show up for others, especially those who need us to be sincere, mindful, open and willing to listen to their stories.

It’s time to change the healthcare landscape and Integrative Nurse Coaching is the key

Integrative Nurse Coaching covers a myriad of topics and provides tools for you to navigate any situation. These topics and tools include:

  • The Self (Self-development, Self-awareness, Self-reflection, Self-care)
  • Theory of Nurse Coaching and Ethics
  • Nurse Coach Process, Frameworks, Stories & Strengths
  • Integrative Lifestyle for Health & Wellbeing
  • Nutritional, Environmental & Cultural Health
  • Awareness, Choice, Perspectives & Change
  • Motivational Interviewing & Enquiry
  • Education, Research & Leadership
  • Meaning & Purpose

Integrative Nurse Coaching has the potential to change the healthcare landscape – and its reach won’t stop there! If you believe that health and wellbeing are interconnected and that holistic health is a way of life, Integrative Nurse Coaching is for you.

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